a plain white label.

CAUTION – This site contains the following: excessively wordy missives about idle thoughts, editorial nonsense, gratuitous examples of not-quite-middle-aged-geekery, sappy mash notes penned to mundane topics, nostalgic musings about bygone eras, here-and-now commentary on the inherent humor of suffering from social phobia and OCD-like symptoms, and a running play-by-play of clumsy adventures around the globe.

It does not contain artificial additives or ingredients, evidence of beautiful people imbedding themselves within exotic cultures, high-minded observations on humanity or polished, high-definition videography.

If curiosity persists, inject text directly into the skin of your eyeballs. Rinse, and–in the absence of adverse side effects–do that damn thing again.


4 Responses to a plain white label.

  1. project1979 says:

    Thanks for the follow! Here’s to a great next 33 years 🙂 Are you a 1979er?

    • Mel. says:

      JUST shy by about six weeks, actually. But the ’77-, ’79 bloc is unified tapestry of awesome cinematic and pop-culture goodness, I think. 😀

  2. Wow! Great “about me” statement! I am also a “serial nobody” and like the idea of casting my own shadow. Thanks for reading and liking (and following) my blog! I look forward to reading your entries.

    • Mel. says:

      Thank ya kindly, and right back atcha; I was reading some of the articles/publications that you’d linked to your hub-page, and had to get on board. 😀

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